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Legend - Marie Lu Legend is one of those books that surprises you. In what used to be Los Angeles, fifteen-year-old Day is an infamous criminal, having spent the last couple years of his life wreaking havoc for the Republic. On the other side is fifteen-year-old June, child prodigy and Republic soldier. Neither of them have a reason to cross paths.

But then June's brother is murdered and she thinks Day did it. What ensues is a fight for survival on both sides, as June seeks revenge and Day struggles to help his family survive. What the two discover along the way, however, changes the game completely - the truth.

I liked Legend primarily because hey, it's a fun read. Both Day and June are fairly well fleshed out, and the world, while slightly generic for a dystopian, is also engaging and interesting. Day's backstory is not fully developed, and I expect we'll see more of it in the sequel, but it does enough to draw the reader in.

My favourite character, however, is June. Like all others, she blindly obeys the Republic as its most promising soldier and as a result of that, she makes some choices throughout the novel that are harder to sympathise with. Lu does not shy away from a flawed character, and the mistakes added to the tension and indeed, contribute to a large chunk of the plot itself. Good to know a character can screw up every now and then.

The only problem I have was the romance, which was very contrived and lustful. By lust, I mean the attraction appears to be based on looks alone, and that it is a surface feeling. That's fine, but the weight placed on it is less than necessary. Both characters could easily hold themselves without it, and I'd rather have seen them grow into something deeper than fall so quickly into shallow 'love'.

Still, this is a great read for anyone who's looking for some easy reading dystopian fiction. A big four out of five for well rounded characters, nice prose and a tight plot!