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Hi! I'm Jo, a college student reading my way through various books. I particularly enjoy YA, fantasy, and horror, but I'm also beginning to delve into sci-fi, paranormal, and other genres.

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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus is about two magicians, who, locked in an ancient contest of unknown standards, place their two assistants into their own magical contest - and the formation of the Night Circus. The catch? Neither assistant knows who they're up against, the stakes or even how a winner is determined. As the displays become increasingly incredible, the Night Circus - and everyone in it - are tied up in the fate of the winner.

This book is just beautifully written. The descriptions of the circus are what had me at the beginning; lush, vivid writing that lets you hold the scene in your mind's eye with ease. The phrase "lost in a good book" comes to mind.

On top of that, the character dynamics are fascinating. While at times it is difficult to follow all of the different story lines, overall, all of the characters have individual stories that are intriguing on an individual level and eventually come to impact the novel as it progresses. Celia and Marcus, the two assistants, are brilliantly written. There is a quiet power within Celia that I particularly admire, whereas Marcus' studious and artistic nature is a perfect complement to the circus.